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Choosing an ideal water purifier is perhaps one of the biggest concerns among many people these days. We all would want to drink good quality water thereby preventing waterborne diseases which could potentially be fatal.

Apart from boiling water, using water purifier is the best way to ensure that you drink safe water, but how to choose a water purifier which is right for you? Well, it all depends on the existing quality of water in your house. Only after testing your water source, should you think about buying a water purifier or else you would end up buying the wrong product.

Your decision to choose a water purifier should not end up with just testing of water. There are also many other things to consider before you think about buying one. Your ultimate decision on choosing the ideal water purifier should be only made after considering these secondary factors, namely size of your family, daily water usage, water purifier storage capacity, price, etc.

Things to Consider before Choosing a Water Purifier for Home Use

It is never easy to choose a water purifier on your own. The market is filled with different types of water purifiers and the job of choosing the one which you need becomes much more harder; however, you can simplify this process by following the below-mentioned steps which would help you in choosing the perfect one.

1. Check the Quality of Water

Of course, the first thing that you need to consider is the quality of water available in your area. If the water contains high amounts of TDS (a TDS meter will come in handy to do a basic test of water), heavy metals, salinity as well as hardness, then go for RO water purifiers (here is a list of some of the best RO water purifiers). The RO purifiers come with selective permeable membranes which removes all the impurities. Otherwise, you can choose the purifiers with UF technology which removes particulates and other similar impurities.

While checking the quality of the water, it is also important to check whether the water is contaminated. The waterborne diseases obviously originate due to the contamination of water. The presence of disease-carrying microbes can prove to be fatal to human health. If the water contains bacteria, virus or other microbes, then it is wise to choose the RO+UV water purifiers. The RO membrane obviously removes the impurities. On the other hand, when the water passes through the UV chamber, it kills almost all microbes present in the water. Hence, the RO+UV purifier makes the water completely safe for drinking.

2. Check for Essential Filters

There are several other filters that are very necessary when it comes to a water purifier. The pre-sediment filter, pre-carbon filter and post-carbon filters are necessary things that must be there in a good purifier. While the pre-sediment filter removes the particulates from the water, the pre-carbon filter absorbs organic impurities and odour. The post-carbon filter on the other hand makes sure to enhance the taste of the water. So, these things must be there in a water purifier if the water tastes or smells bad.

3. Design and Build-up of the Purifier

You must also choose a water purifier after considering the design and build-up of the water purifier. It is one of the main factors that you need to be sure about when you choose a water purifier. The strong build-up of a purifier ensures maximum durability for the product. You must see whether it is made of engineering grade plastic which is very durable and scratch resistant. Most importantly, you should make sure that the plastic is food grade too. It is unwise to use any plastic container to store water as it may increase the toxicity of water. Only if the purifier is made of food grade plastic, then it is safe to use. Hence, you must always take care of that.

4. Assess Water Storage Capacity

Of course, it is also one of the main factors that you need to be sure about before choosing a water purifier. You should have a rough idea as to how many liters of water you would need to meet the daily requirements of your family.  If the capacity of the purifier caters to your requirements, then it is the perfect choice for you.

5. Check the Certification

Only buy the brands which has got appropriate validated certifications. The certifications NSF, WQA, ISI and CE help you to put your faith in the product. Above all, these certifications also assure you about the authenticity of the brand.

6. Inquire About After-Sales Service and Maintenance Costs

Obviously, these two criteria also need to be considered while choosing a water purifier. A water purifier is just a machine and it may create problems once in a while. If the after-sales service from the company is bad, it can create a plethora of problems for you. So, it is always wise to choose the purifier from a company which excels at providing good quality after-sales service. Furthermore, you must also ensure that the purifier does not require high maintenance. Maintenance cost may vary based on the technology adopted in the purification process.

7. Read Product and Customer Reviews

You must do your own research before making the buying decision. Go through the product reviews on various websites. You can also check the customer reviews of the products online to understand the experience of the customers. Get to know about the warranty period and installation services. It will help you to decide whether the purifier is worth the money that you are spending.

8. Price

Lastly, you will have to check your budget. Everybody has their own budgetary constraints. So, you must see whether the price of the product goes with your budget. You must also understand whether you have the capability to expand your budget if the need be. If it suits your budget, then by all means buy it.


It is not that hard to choose a water purifier. Go through our guide and see which purifier caters to all your requirements, but it is also necessary for you to do some research to understand your requirements before buying a water purifier. Choose the one that fulfills all your needs and ensure you always drink good water.