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Cheap and Affordable Water Purifiers in India

Have you been considering or thinking about buying a water purifier which is reasonably priced yet good in quality? If yes, I have chosen for you some of the cheapest and best water purifiers in terms of quality. I have ensured that the discounted price amount for any water purifier does not exceed 10000 rupees. The […]

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Best 4 Non-Electric/Gravity-Based Water Purifiers (2019)

If you are some of those lucky people who don’t need an expensive RO water purifier, then the non-electric/gravity-based water purifier is suitable for you. The non-electric/gravity water purifiers are not RO water purifiers and its function and technology differs from that of the UV+UF+RO+TDS water purifiers. There are a plethora of non-electric/gravity water purifiers […]

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