Best 3 Automatic Water Level Controller Circuit for Overhead Tank

Water is the essence of life and one should not waste it. There may have been many times where you would have wasted water when the overhead tank filled up with the excess water falling to the ground. Wouldn’t it be nice if we can prevent this wastage of water. This is exactly what the automatic water level controller does. You can control the water pumps with this simple circuit.

The automatic water level controller kicks in when the water in the overhead tank exceeds the required water level. It shuts down the water pump and prevents overflow of water thereby preventing wastage of water.

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1. Mivan Technologies Plastic ABS Fully Automatic Water Level Controller and 3 Sensors Supply 230VAC (Blue)

The Mivan Automatic Water Level Controller is an ideal device which can be used at homes, hospitals and industries. This product helps you save water by preventing the overflow of water from the overhead tank. It also helps reduce your electricity bill.

The device has got three sensors each of which is placed at the bottom, middle and top level of the tank. When the water level in the tank decreases and goes below the middle sensor, the motor will start automatically and as the water level increases the top level sensor senses it and shuts down the motor automatically without any manual intervention.

Features and Specifications

  • Special sensor-based technology (3 sensors working mechanism).
  • Auto on/off function. No manual intervention needed.
  • Device has auto as well as manual switch.
  • Power on LED indicator.
  • Motor start/stop LED indicator.
  • Long durability.
  • Suitable for single phase MCB type submersible pump starter panel.
  • Applicable to over head tank, under ground tank, tube well and deep boring, pressure pump.
  • Saves water and electricity.
  • One-year warranty.

2. Mivan Technologies ABS Manually Start and Auto Stop Water Level Controller (Ivory)

This Mivan ABS Water Level Controller has a manual start and an auto stop function. The device has 2 sensors out of which one is put at the top level and the other (second sensor) is put at the bottom level of the tank. You will start the motor by pressing the controller start button and then when the tank is full, it will automatically switches off the motor. This device has a carbon sensor and has a long life.

Features and Specifications

  • Manual start and auto stop function.
  • Suitable for motor load range up to 5 HP. Works in the supply voltage range of 220 to 280 VAC. Load capacity 40 A.
  • Carbon sensor which is long lasting and no oxidation whatsoever.
  • MCB Starter panel compatible.
  • LED indication displaying Power On/Off.
  • Motor On/Off indication.
  • Indication for tank empty and tank full status.
  • ABS plastic enclosure
  • One-year warranty.

3. Watro Fully Automatic Water Tank Level Controller Magnetic Sensors and Dry Run Protection Feature (Black)

The Watro Water Tank Level Controller is both automatic and manually controlled device. You can use as you wish. It is very simple to use and no management required, has long life and is quite durable.

Features and Specifications

  • Automatic motor switch off function when the tank is full or if there is no water in supply pipe.
  • Comes with magnetic sensors which can withstand corrosion. Installation is quite simple, no plumbing work required.
  • Moisture-resistant circuit board (PTH printed).
  • ABS plastic wall mounted enclosure.
  • LED enabled water level indicator and touch buttons of best quality.
  • Automatic/manual function mode. Voltage range 220 volts. Save electricity.
  • Two-year warranty.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could save precious water from getting wasted as overflow water. Automatic water level controller circuit for overhead tank solves this problem. Installation of this device will help a great deal to minimize water wastage.